Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The life of an aspiring tech startup entrepreneur

First of all, just like artists you can only be called or recognized as entrepreneur after you have only started a very successful business. Before then it doesn’t matter whether you are currently working on your business full-time; if it’s not successful no-one will recognize you as an entrepreneur.

Unless you have had the luck of raising millions of dollars, shining your shoes and putting on a tie is something you would have to get used because you would have to work. It doesn’t matter whether you like the job or not; it’s something you would have to do just to pay bills.

Friends and family are going to tell to just get a decent job and stop wasting your time on dreams that may never come true. They may-be right but you would have to ignore them and hope you are darn right.

The ability to keep a stable relationship will be foreign unless you find a very understanding partner.  This is all because you are going to find little time to spend with you time because you will have to put in long hours working on your idea. Besides that the unpredictable nature of starting business won’t bring stability to your life which will make it difficult to have a stable relationship.

Failure something you would also have to embrace when starting out. You will make a lot of business mistakes; create a product that’s not market-fit. If you don’t give up everything will get easier and clearer with time, but you will have to learn. Thus with time you will be able to make smart decisions, create killer products.

Creating a business is a long and unpredictable process and it’s something you will have to learn also. Dreaming is something you will have to continue doing even though things might be going side-ways, because one day not tomorrow, today or anytime soon everything will be as you planned or better.




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