Friday, 12 October 2012

Nobody wants to hurt you

Sometimes when you are starting something that you truly believe like a business, most of the time you are not in a position to listen to advice that may seem negative or not inline with what you expect to hear. Besides that, most of startup advice you will find online about startups will be, just stick with what you believe and ignore anything that does not seem to share your vision.

What you may fail to consider is that sometimes you maybe treading on the wrong path. Just believing something is right, unfortunately does not make it right. While it is a good habit to stick to what you believe is the right thing do, but sometimes you maybe clouded by the excitement of your ideas that you may fail to careful consider the situation and then make the right decision.

People who are more likely going to give you advice are your friends and family. These people care about you and would want you to succeed just as much you want to succeed yourself. Whatever they are going to advice will be after careful consideration from their own observations which maybe wrong or right. Many people make the mistake of thinking anyone who criticize or give what may seem like negative advice wants to pull you down. This is not always the case and understanding that people who give you advice, care enough to try to help you make more informed decisions.

Even though you might eventually do whatever you believe is right, it is a good idea to careful to consider the merits of each and every advice. This helps to make you informed and balanced decisions because sometime you may have missed what others can easily see.

While some advice is going to be wrong, you may find some quite useful and helpful; I believe it’s important to listen to it and allow others to help you.

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