Saturday, 27 October 2012

The African Dream- Part 2

Dry sand-Namibia-Sussuvlei


After my last visit back home I had come back more focused and patient; knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I applied vigorously to a lot of big companies and was fortunate enough to be granted interviews which meant that I was on the right path. But after some time I realized i was probably traveling a path that leads to a dead-end.

I had to try something and of  which I did. A lot of people thought it was incredible and encouraged me and gave me advice on how I could make it work. Buoyed by the positive response; I was enthused to  make the project a success and I worked hard towards that objective.

The project had brought a new light to my life and opportunities were starting to become more open and clearer..But after sometime everything started to fade away. The limited access to internet had finally caught up with me again. I couldn't reply to emails send by people  who wanted to work with me or help  after coming across my article. Most importantly I couldn't work further on my project to really create a winning product. I had received a lot of positive feedback to improve the project but couldn't take advantage of it because it required reliable internet access.

Slowly I started to see my dreams fade away but I couldn't give up when the finishing line had looked so real. I just kept up the believe  like everyone I had seen succeeding around me. I kept programming and doing market research, offline.

One day while I was hanging out with a couple of friends from my neighborhood, my phone rang and it  was my friend whom I had last spoken to in a couple of years. He had called to offer me to come to Namibia where he was now working as a land surveyor.We had been both at the same university and things had worked out for him. There were more opportunities than back home; their education system
is not able to produce enough skilled personal thereby creating opportunities for foreigners like us.

Besides that access to internet is far much better and affordable. He just thought things will work out much better in Namibia than home. I was a bit hesitant- having never left Zimbabwe before, but  I finally decided to take a wild leap of faith and experience a new environment and culture.

After a couple of weeks I finally boarded the bus and began my journey to Namibia. The journey which is approximately more than  3000 km, was very tiring. I spent most of it imaging and wondering how life was going to be. As we entered Namibia I couldn't help feel sad leaving our beautiful country and not being be able to contribute meaningful to the economy.

When I finally arrived I was dead-tired but was on the other hand received warmly by my friend. He picked me up and took me to his house. While on our way I couldn't help but enjoy the beautiful landscape on which Windhoek is built on. During that moment I just felt things were going to work out fine for me.

I have been here a couple of weeks but the people having been incredible friendly that it already feel like home. The internet access is far much better; electricity is also available all day. I have been working on my project and in a few works I would be ready to launch the new version of the website with improved features and better content like music. The African Dream is alive and well!!!

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